The Blessing Called Orgasm

The Blessing Called Orgasm

Priya had a tough day at work. Her reports “seriously lacked in-depth deliberations to deliver actionable insights” (her boss’ words). What made it worse was that the scathing comment hit her at 10:30 am in the morning, leaving her the entire day to mull over and feel sour about it. In the evening when she was just about to leave, she received the second and last blow at work. Her travel expense sheet was still missing two receipts – the result, her traveling expenses would not get approved for that month. Battered by stress, when Priya reached home all she could think of a soothingly warm bath to wash away the tensions that got pulled her down that day. Little did Priya know that she would learn the trick to wipe away her stress in a whole different way.

Under the shower, lost in her thought, Priya’s hands wandered over her body and traveled south. While massaging her pelvis, all of a sudden Priya felt good. The miracle started to work – as clockwork. Priya pressed her middle finger on her pubis and gradually slid it down till touched her pipote. Priya smiled to herself. Not only her stress vanished, it got replaced with an ecstatic feeling she had never felt before. The rest was a fantasy in real-life.

Given our experience in masturbation and share of self-pleasuring orgasm, we all know how Priya must have felt. We know for sure that “it” always works and do wonders to drive away the evil monster – stress. What’s better? It’s free and super fun. Trust us on this, the practice has been there even before the time of ancient Greeks and that too for the reason we count still today – de-stress.

Since when

Believe it or not, there have been innumerable debates to prove that masturbation and orgasm existed from the time of cave dwellers. Although there was no visible proof to establish that point, arguments came to rest around 600 BCE when a Greek krater, of around that timeline, clearly showed a satyr masturbating. Even ancient Chinese documents, as old as 300 BCE, has mentions of orgasm. To cure kidney problems, the women of Taoist China were prescribed by physicians to have sex in cowgirl position for three times a day. These findings prove at least one point that orgasm has been around for quite some time now and it has been used as a means of medical remedy to relieve patients of their physical problems.

Happening now

Today, we have faster working pills to get rid of our kidney problems. But for certain conditions where pleasure happens to be a part of the cure, we get on to using our fingers or a vibrator or massager and gift ourselves a thought-bending orgasm. Thought-bending of course, as it bends our thoughts toward much happier and pleasurable aspects of life.

A refreshing journey

By now you already know that when you climax you release loads of fluids both from the Skene’s gland in your vagina and pituitary gland in your brain. Of the two it’s the hormone from the pituitary gland that’s responsible to induce a major change in the way you feel. The hormone, oxytocin, makes you feel sociable and relaxed; therefore, it’s no wonder that you tend to become stress-free right after you reach your Big-O.

This feel-good factor comes with other benefits as well. It not only saves you from the sins like “cursing your boss” but also plays a role in cementing minor cracks in your marriage. A sex-healthy marriage that offers you orgasms surely helps you in framing a positive perception of your partner. At the onset, you’ll feel more bonded with your partner. The hugs will feel warmer and the kisses will feel more passionate. You also tend to develop a self-esteem. The complete session leaves both of you satisfied with your needs and desires and helps in proving, you can still perform on the bed. An orgasmic sex with your partner keeps the connection between you two intact and leaves you feeling more secure and less irritable.

At an individual level, it recalibrates you. The French, being romantic as they are, named the process “La petite mort” or the little death. The term directs to the state of unconsciousness from which, when you return, you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Although the petite mort state is achieved through different means, the easiest and the most commonly associated mean is an orgasm. At the end of a steamy sex when you reach the climax, you feel content and get so exhausted that you slip into a state of unconscious for a moment. At that moment you feel transcendent, melancholy and expended of your life force. Once this phase gets over and you get back to your senses, you feel as if you’re born again. Recharged and glowing to take on the challenges life has to offer.

Axing the aches

At a more mortal level, orgasm acts as an analgesic. In a two-fold way, it takes care of body aches, migraine, and cluster headaches. Researchers found out that if you get involved in vaginal masturbation and go all the way to orgasm, the cortisol level in your blood decreases, resulting in an increase in your pain threshold level, from 40 percent to 100 percent. That means your ability to feel pain gets cut down by half, making you much happier person oblivious to pains that you used to crib about in the past. With respect to your headaches and migraine, a separate research reveals that nearly 60 percent women tend to get relief from these headaches if they get an orgasm, either by themselves or through sex. Isn’t that’s relieving?

Extending further on the benefits of orgasm, you’ll find that it serves as a natural sedative. The release of oxytocin, or love hormone, paired with other endorphins makes you relaxed and cuddly. In parallel, your brain also secretes another chemical in abundance, prolactin, the one that has a close association with deep sleep. So effectively, all these difficult-to-understand chemicals in your body come together to sing you a lullaby and help you to get a sound sleep that freshens you up from your worries.

Not only sleep, you also tend to be more fearless and less anxious right after you hit the peak. The emotional part of the brain that is responsible for pulling you down gets completely switched off. As a result, you turn out to be an unfearing and carefree soul who is ready to rock another day.

We don’t get our fair share of justice and consideration every day. While the ups at work and home motivate us and push us to tackle greater challenges, the downs sit on us a load we so desperately want shrug off.

Final thought

We may not think a lot about the ups, but our human mind tends to catch hold of the downs too tightly. To manage the latter, as a process that is natural, harmless, and pleasurable, we can always look up to an orgasm. Besides helping us from wiping off the stress, it never fails to add a bit of fun and spice to our daily routine.