Viberoo - Green


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With the Viberoo, say goodbye to wires and chargers. The Viberoo is powered by single AAA battery. The material is specially made from ABS and silicone. It measures 4 inches in length and 1 inch in width. With a light-weight of 56.5 grams, this product has a lot to offer for you. Premium colours of yellow, green and pink are made available.

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Featuring Viberoo Vibrator Online

One AAA battery is all you need to get to the extreme throes of satisfaction with this lifestyle enhancement product. Made of ABS and silicone, this has ten vibration modes. With a size of 108 and 26mm and weighing 56.5g, one can easily carry it anywhere they wish to. This product can be for 200 minutes at one go.

1. Material: ABS Silicone
2. Vibrating modes: 10 speed
3. Size: 108*26mm
4. Weight: 56.5g
5. Max.. noise: less than 50dB
6. RPM: Max. 7,000rpm
7. Power source: 1*AAA battery
8. Using time: 200 minutes


  • The viberoo has a small angular tip at the base. This acts as an ideal toy to stimulate your clitoris due to its bump.
  • The angular tip will make you moan and cry with pleasure as they gently caress your clit.
  • The smooth plane surface will add to the pleasure as you move in and out the toy with more speed.

The 10-speed vibration modes will give thunders inside as you stroke your way to orgasms.