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Stud 1000 (Delay Spray For Men) – 20gm


The Natural way to be a stud

Features you will love:

  • All natural formulation for best results without side effects
  • Helps delay the climax for a long lasting and passionate sexual health
  • Helps boost energy and endurance
  • Enhances the stamina and strength
  • Boosts the overall sexual drive, libido and sexual health
  • Prevents issues associated with premature ejaculation

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There are hundreds of delay sprays in the market and if you have been tired of using one that doesn’t produce the best of results, you are in for a ride with this specific product. Not only is it a completely natural formula, it is meant to help boost your overall sexual health without imposing any kind of side effects whatsoever. It helps in driving your libido without any kind of restrictions whatsoever. If you have been struggling keeping up with everything, now is the time to change that for good.

It is meant with the best of ingredients to ensure the best of results. It drives better results altogether and helps get the best of results when it comes to one’s better sexual health. It helps drive better libido altogether.

Key ingredients and benefits:

  • Lidocaine Topical Aerosol

Directions for use:  Hold the container around 10 cm away from the skin. Point the arrow towards the area you want to spray it on. Make sure to spray it effectively avoiding the open ends altogether.

Note: Make sure to keep the spray away from direct inhalation. Keep away from direct contact with the eyes. Avoid the contents to be put together and avoid it to be put into the direct contact of the sunlight. Store the medication in a cool and dry place. Keep them out of reach of children for safety reasons.