Stay-On Oral Liquid Herbal Drink For Men & Women – 30 ml


Herbal drink for Men and Women

Dosage:- Ideal to Drink Daily 30ml (One Bottle) Directly Half an Hour in Advance.

Once Opened Use It Immediately. Shake Well Before Use.

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What Is Stay-on Oral Liquid?

It is super fast vitality enhancer & stamina restorer ayurvedic oral drink for men & women. It’s efficacy to give you the results with real speed today, is unique in the marketplace.

What Is Stay-on Oral Liquid?

It is a liquid extract concentrate of select ayurvedic constituents like Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Gokhru, Latakasturi, Munjatak, and Kesar adequately blended with world-famous energy booster ginseng. Each of these constituents has a proven track record well documented in Ayurvedic scriptures with respect to their individual quality in various degrees for enhancing vitality energy and restoring your stamina.

How Does Stay-on Oral Liquid Help?

Stay-on oral liquid is unique. Its easily digestible format gets absorbed into your system quicker than normal capsules. Thus you feel euphoric with enhanced vigor, vitality and recharged energy unimaginably faster ( super fast) and maybe longer too.

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