Ratans Sudol Body Toner Gel Front Image
Ratans Sudol Body Toner Gel Front Image
Ratans Sudol Body Toner Gel Back Image

Ratan’s Sudol Body Toner Gel-100gm


Complete body toning naturally

Features you will love:

  • Provides shape and firmness to the body
  • Firms up the muscles around the area of application
  • Tightens the muscles effectively
  • Brings out the curves for the best possible results
  • Improves the shapes and brings out the womanhood better

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Finding an all natural product that is meant and targeted to help boost the overall shape and size of the body is something that you won’t necessarily find and get easily. The body toning gel from Ratan’s Sudol is something which is formulated to help you achieve the perfect body and the very best shape without any kind of negative impacts altogether. It is meant to provide with firmness to the muscles and bring out the best look out of them all without any kind of negative implications whatsoever.

If you have been skeptical about what to use, this natural formulation can ensure to help with just that without any kind of negative implications on your body. It tightens the muscles and make them firm for a better health altogether.

Key ingredients and benefits:

  • Gambhari Ext – 20mg
  • Majufal Ext – 43mg
  • Babool Ext – 26mg
  • Kanthakari Ext – 20mg
  • Kundru Ext – 20mg
  • Anar Chilka Ext – 86mg

Directions for use: Take some of the gel into your hands as per the requirement and then apply the same on the upper parts of your body. Make sure to massage it gently in from bottom to top and be gentle about the process because the same can otherwise end up negatively impacting the body.

Note: Non-additive and completely natural formulation. Lacks the presence of steroids in it. Store the medication in a cool and dry place. Keep them out of reach of children for safety reasons.