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Musli Power X-TRA Front Image
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Musli Power X-TRA – 30 Capsules


Natural formulation for better health

Features you’ll love:

  • Has been proven to increase one’s overall strength and stamina
  • Equally amazing for both men and women trying to boost their libido
  • Enhances sexual strength and keeps it constant even with age
  • Better sexual satisfaction
  • Rejuvenates and brings back youth
  • Completely natural formulation for zero side effects
  • It also helps boost the overall body function
  • Helps wipe out fatigue and tiredness
  • Relaxes muscles and metabolises the fat deposit


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The Musli Power Extra is meant not just for boosting one’s overall health but to also ensure the very best results when it comes to handling the signs and symptoms of affected libido. If you have been having issues with your sexual health, this can actually help in improving the overall condition without any kind of negative side effects that many people often tend to complain about. Not only does it help improve the overall libido but also helps in boosting the overall body function as well.
The all natural formulation has been reported to also help boost the blood circulation in the body to bring back the youth and rejuvenation that you have been missing all along.

Dosage: For general use, 2 capsules at bedtime should be taken for 45 days either with milk or water, as per the choice. For diabetic patients, the duration should be for 90-120 days.

Key ingredients:

  • Safed Mushli – 150mg
  • Nerinjil – 50mg
  • Nellikka – 25mg
  • Kapikacchu – 100mg
  • Kanmadam – 50mg
  • Jathikka – 10mg

Note: Store the capsules in a cool and dry place. It is important to consume them as per the instructions to ensure that everything affects the body as per what you want and need.

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