Millennium Stud 5000 Front Image
Millennium Stud 5000 Front Image
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Millennium Stud 5000 (Delay Spray For Men) – 20gm


For a passionate and delayed climax

Features you will love:

  • Helps in delaying the climax and letting you enjoy the process
  • Improves overall sexual satisfaction
  • Easy for application and all natural composition helps ensure no side effects
  • Can improve libido and induce better satisfaction for both the partners


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It goes without saying that one of the primary prospects for every men is to last longer to not just satisfy themselves but their partner as well. The Millennium Stud 5000 is just what you need if you wish to delay your climax and make yourself last longer than what you usually do. Premature ejaculation is often a very common problem that’s faced by several men and if you are one of them, now is the time to change that.

It is formulated with the best composition to ensure the very best results without any kind of negative side effects on your body. If you have been struggling and having an unsatisfied sexual life, this delaying spray can make it all right for you. There are no after effects if that is something that you are bothered about.

Key ingredients:

  • Lidocaine tropical Aerosol

Directions for use:

  • Make sure to hold the container of the product around 10 cms away from your skin
  • Point the arrow towards the area of application and then press the button to spray as much instructed
  • Also, ensure that you always shake the bottle before use

Note: Make sure it is stored in a cool and dry place. It is completely necessary to ensure that you don’t use more than 5 sprays at one go because the same can end up causing repurcussions if you do so. Be careful with the instructions.