LoveRollers Basic Series LovePillows

LoveRollers Basic Series LovePillows

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  • Aligns itself for better comfort and harder orgasm
  • Allows the male to get a better angle for deeper penetration and thrusts
  • Moulds itself to aid any position the partners want to try out
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It goes without saying that sex is meant for pleasure for partners. While trying new positions can elicit excitement in your sex life, everything falls short if you
are not comfortable during the process. The Love Pillows are meant to help you enjoy the most beautiful form of intimacy shared between two people.

Love Pillows are meant to align your bodies in the perfect position so both the male and the female partner can reach their climax passionately. It is placed under the hips of the female partner to help position them better so as to ensure that the male partner can get a better angle for thrusting deeper for an amazing orgasm. The pillow assures not just comfort but versatility as well, moulding itself in a way to promise that you can enjoy its benefits in any position you have sex in.

Doesn’t matter if you are going vanilla or exploring your kinky side, the love pillows can simply add in that missing passion and comfort, both at once.

Fabric: Manufactured with the best silk fabric to ensure comfort and a feeling of luxury for the people involved in the act.

Materials Used:

  • The pillow is manufactured using one of the best quality silk fabrics in multiple colours.
  • 2” inch foam is provided inside the pillow for cushioning.
  • The foam is of high-density which helps in absorbing the pressure created during sex and it also helps the cushion to last for a long time.
  • The materials used in this pillow are of high-quality so that it has a longer life span.

Brand: LoveRollers.
Dimension: 41 x 44 x 18 cm (Length x Breadth x Height).
Packaging: Discreet packaging.
Delivery: 2 to 4 Days.