Climax  Spray For Men (Over 200 Sprays) - 12 gm
Climax  Spray For Men (Over 200 Sprays) - 12 gm
Climax  Spray For Men (Over 200 Sprays) - 12 gm

Climax Spray For Men (Over 200 Sprays) – 12 gm


For an everlasting effect

Features you’ll love:

  • The climax spray for men is a promescent desensitizing delay spray
  • Meant for you to last long for a rigorous and amazing climax
  • Formulated to last you over 200 sprays
  • Enhances the overall sexual life and satisfaction
  • It is a complete Licodaine Topical Aerosol
  • Have been in usage for over 25 years now and trusted for its amazing results altogether

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One of the worst things for a guy is when he climaxes within a fraction of seconds. While it is not just embarrassing, it can pan out to be an absolute disaster when it comes to the level of sexual satisfaction. Climax spray is meant to desensitize and delay premature ejaculation to help men last longer without any artificial means altogether. The product is meant to boost your overall sexual health and even bring in the lacking satisfaction and desire that you have been seeking out altogether.

Given the fact that it is flammable, it is always best suggested to store it in a cool and dry place. Enjoy the climax that you have always wanted to have and enjoy without any added pressure.

Note: It is a flammable product and is stored in a pressurized container. Make sure that you store it away from sunlight and in a cool and dry place altogether. Avoid piercing the bottle and make sure to keep it away from the temperature above 50 degrees. Avoid inhaling it directly and keep it out of reach of the children