Baidyanath Vita Ex Gold Plus – 10 Capsule


For Vigour And Vitality

Bhawana Dravya, Semal Chhal, Satavari, Brahmi, Mulethi – 250mg

Dosage:- One Capsule Twice A Day With Milk Or Directed By A Physician.

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Hectic Life Schedule, Stress, Strain Prolong Use Of Various Medication, Heavy Smoking, Alcoholism, Lack Of Excercise, Takes Heavy Toll On Human Health, Happiness, And Energy. In The Vajikaran Chapter Of Ancient Text Book “Charak-Samhita”. Many Valuable Herbs Which Are Known To Maintain Virility And Vitality are described. After Extensive Study Of These Herbs And Minerals, “Baidyanath Vita Ex-Gold Plus Capsule” Is Specially Formulated With Swarna Bhasma Along With 14 valuable Herbs. It Restores The Psychological & Functional Homeostasis In The Body, So It Strengthens Mind And Act As An Body Rejuvenator. Each Of The Ingredient Is A Complete Energiser By Itself.
Swarna Bhasma Gives Energy, Strengthens The Muscles And Boosts Immunity. Helps To Maintain Vitality And Virility.
Ashwagandha Relives The Problems Related To Stress And Strain. Helps To Increase Confidence.
Kaunch – Beej Strengthens The “OJA”

Shodhit Shilajit – 50mg
Ashwagandha – 40mg
Safed Musali – 50mg
Akarkarabh – 30mg
Jatiphal – 10mg
Jatipatri – 10mg
Lavanga – 10mg
Kesar – 20mg
Kaunch Beej – 120mg
Dalchini – 10mg
Salam Mishri – 20mg
Goksura Chhota – 20mg
Vidarikand – 20mg
Kant Loha Bhasma – 10mg
Swarna Bhasma – 2mg
Vanga Bhasma – 20mg
Abhrak Bhasma – 10mg

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