Ayurvedic Energic-31 – 40 Capsules


Keeps You Fit, Fresh & Energetic

Energic-31 capsule are successfully recommended for

  • Physical weakness, giving extra energy and stamina to players
  • To improve resistance power & stamina keeps body fit & energetic.
  • To improve health, strength, vigor & vitality.
  • Improve the function of sexual organs
  • It increases manhood in man & womanhood in women.

Useful for Men & Women in all season

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Energic-31 can cure or control so many known & unknown diseases when taken for a particular disease. Energic-31 is a unique patent ayurvedic medicine made from a balanced combination of Shudha, Shilajit, Bhusmas & Herbs. Energic-31 does not have a harmful effect or adverse effect it took for a long time. It does not have any toxic, poisonous & exciting ingredients. Energic-31 is a multipurpose, completely safe medicine and praised by so many eminent doctors of India & abroad. With the use of Energic-31 person remains healthy, fresh and cheerful.

One capsule twice a day with milk at morning (empty stomach) & one at bedtime. In physical weakness, milk, butter, ghee etc are beneficial.
In sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart weakness, kidney infection, spermatorrhoea, toned milk is used fats, butter & fried food are totally band.

Can be taken fresh, light easily digestible food, fresh seasonal fruits & vegetables.
Cannot be taken fried, sour, spicy, heavy foods and anything which have a cold & gastric effect.

In any disease at least 40 days course or till the disease cured.
The married couple above 24 years of age at least one course of 40 days should be taken once a year to maintain body resistance & stamina. After 40 years of age Energic-31 capsules must be taken for 3 months continuously every year to maintain the body perfectly fit throughout the year.

Energic-31 capsules enable to eradicate the deficiencies which are experienced in any part of the body and it brings back the functional system of the internal organs of the body to normalcy.

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