Oral Sex Tips: How To Go Down On A Lady Like A Gentleman!

Oral Sex Tips: How To Go Down On A Lady Like A Gentleman!

When it comes to Oral Sex, it’s like there’s a huge divide between how easy it is to please a guy orally versus a girl. So, for once and for all, let’s discuss about how to go down on a lady like a real gentleman and charm her by your skilled tongue!

It’s an accepted and quite understood notion that as compared to guys, girls’ sexual organ aka the Vagina is a maze to handle. To add to it, what may work with one woman, might not be enjoyable to other.

After all, vaginas are quite diverse and full of surprises, if you take your time to explore them skilfully!

Perhaps, that’s what you’re here for, well good job, you’re probably a considerate guy who wants to understand how you can please that lady you have! Or, you’re that lady who wants her gentleman to understand what it’s like to go down on you and give you the orgasms that you’ve only heard about earlier. Or maybe, you are a lady who swings the other way and would like to supplement her knowledge because you like to know it all!

Either way, we’ve got it all figured out, and so you can sit back and read!

V for Vagina

If only knowing the name helped us understand the intricacies of the female sexual organ, the mysterious Vagina, we’d have much better time in going down on her!

So let’s start with knowing and familiarising self with how they look like, what do the different parts do(Pssst: Clitoris is a pretty important place to start with if you ask us?). Oh, and the mysterious G-Spot? Most women swear it exists, so do your partner and yourself a favour, and start exploring and reading up!

And if you still have trouble, nothing like Communication, which brings us to the second point.


Why would you spend hours reading scientific blogs about where the Clitoris is when you all you need to do is ASK and communicate.

Since good sex is all about teamwork, you might as well use that to your advantage, because believe it or not, girls love orgasms just as much.

A quick “Are you enjoying this” or “Guide my hand” or “Take my tongue places” may help you strike a casual undertone to the conversation and ensure that you are able to get what you want!

A little guidance from your partner goes a long way, so ladies listen up, if asked, be honest!

PS: If the lady says that she’s enjoying something and that you should continue doing it, you don’t have to increase the pressure or tempo(basically, not overdo it) and just stick to what you have been doing!

PPS: Verbal cues are obviously, obvious, however, body language is the key too! If she’s breathing heavily or moaning or arching her back, chances are she’s on the right track and so are you!

Key To SuccesOgasm

It seems like we’ll spend our entire life chasing O’s! Only, in the teenage and school life, it meant Outstanding and now it’s all about the Orgasms!

This is something you should know, one of the best ways for your partner to enjoy oral sex is in the knowledge that going down on her isn’t a mere obligation, rather something you find as a pleasurable experience too.

Lack of interest gets across to the other person especially in such acts and hence, faking it may not help much since it’ll make it harder for your partner to stay in the mood.

Instead, you can start with some Foreplay and then tell your partner that it’s something you want to do, to please her. The idea that you’ll enjoy it just as much does add to the sexiness and the sheer pleasure of the act.

Now that you covered the theory, let’s talk about practical application! The first rule is definitely experimentation, experiment among different positions and if your partner is willing, 69 is on the table too!

How To Go Down On A Lady Like A Real Gentleman!

Going Down on your partner doesn’t mean you just slobber on her vagina and end up drenching it with saliva. No. It’s an important part of going down that you understand when to stop licking. Ideally, the focus has to be on finding just the right amount of wetness!

  • Look at her or ask her every time you make a move, instead of blindly focusing on continuing to lick and wetting her down under, simply because you enjoy it. Remember it has more to do with her feeling it!
  • Communicate with your partner before and after for the initial few times that you go down on her! Discuss to understand her likes and dislikes about being licked down there; and if she directs, absolutely follow what she says.
  • If your partner is comfortable with it, you can further spice up the oral session with the use of a sex toy like a G-Spot Vibrator, for that extra punch(not literally) to your efforts.
  • Licking continuously can lead to the vagina being drenched in saliva, hence, give it some breathing space every little while!
  • Use teeth, but softly and the tongue, in moderation! Use your lips more! If your partner is not comfortable with a Vibrator, then, you should consider using your fingers for stimulating her G-Spot!

Oh, and if you want more fun, use Lube. Trust us, it does wonders.