Masturbate During Menses

Masturbate During Menses

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It’s that time of the month when the song of a cuckoo sounds like a cacophony and you feel nauseous to the smell of roses. You lose control on yourself and think you never had any purpose in life other than to bleed for three days. You are in your periods. But that doesn’t mean that you need to shut yourself off from all the pleasures of the world. Even though you are in cramps and your mood swings can only be compared with that of a fight between a cat and a dog, you can still enjoy a few pleasure of the world. Take “masturbation” for example.

Just in case you start to think I have lost it, hold on. I’m still not completely insane here. Read on to find out why do you need to indulge in self-love with vibrators and stimulators and achieve the Big O, in those trying times (if you wish to call it that way.)

Face the fact

You are horny. No sweat over there. It’s fact your libido is higher than the rest and you wish to get your fair share during your period as well. Although a bit of digging and your common sense will suggest that physiologically there aren’t much of a scope to go raring as your hormones are at the lowest during those days, the only repose lies in you psychological build up. You simply “feel” amorous. If you are hell bent to question how your cycle and libido are connected then you may find the answer in oxytocin. The increase in the blood flow in your below-the-belt region nudges your oxytocin, leading you to turn a bit horny while you are in your pain. Add onto that a sharp rise of your progesterone on the first day of the cycle, it pushes you further stimulate your vagina. At the end of it, just know that during your period you get turned on and you got to use it to its full potential. What’s next, maybe a bullet perhaps.

Feel sexier

The spots and rashes are all that you have thought thus far when you thought of menstruation. It’s time to change. You are beautiful, and not only that you are sexy. In case you find it difficult to feel that way, then think something sexy. How, you ask? Do something sexy. If you have had taken it for granted that your nether-zone is messy during the cycle, you are wrong. You only shed 30 to 40 ml of fluid over all those days. So effectively you need not think about the mess. On the contrary, you need to think of which vibrator you should use that will help you peak? Because when you peak your endorphin level rises and you feel a lot better.

Relieves cramp related pains

This is a big plus and you will not be able to overrule this one. Hear the medical side of the story first. Climax during a period spikes your best friend endorphin which is a natural pain reliever. Due to the surge of endorphin, coupled with its partner oxytocin, you feel 75% less pain at the time of orgasm. And not only your cramps, the release of endorphin and oxytocin helps to reduce your other aches such as those headaches and backaches as well. Don’t you think you should pick up a vibe stick by now? On the less-medical front, the increased blood flow in your vaginal wall and the contractions at the time of the blast act as natural work out. This sets you in tune with the natural contractions and takes away the pain from the cramps. After a few orgasmic cycles, you won’t dread the cramps anymore. Now, that’s what you needed to know just before you start.

Reduces the length of the period

Along with your menstrual contractions, the increased activity and additional contractions due to masturbation allow for shorter period length. These contractions make for the uterus to clear the lining more effectively. As a result, the number of days of bleeding and spotting gets cut short. Masturbation, in general, helps in maintaining the hormone balance and lead to a regular period. Top that with vibing and you make a highway for your uterus lining to flow smoothly, without putting you into lots of cramps.

No lube required

Under general circumstances when you wish to insert an adult toy, you require lots of lubes. The amount of lubes practically makes you question, “What do I love, the Big O or the lube?” During your menstrual cycle, you do not need a bit of those artificial fluids. You are so well naturally lubricated that your playtime with sex toys gives you all the fun without any doubt in your mind, “What do I love?”

Increased blood flow more sensation

During a regular mundane day, you put a lot more effort to feel the rising sensation. But when you are in your cycle, there is so much of natural blood, flowing to your vaginal area, that even the slightest touch feels “sensational”. At that time your uterine muscles are uncovered and highly sensitive, your G-spot and vaginal walls are buzzing with energy, and of course, your bean is always on the top of it. When all of them come together to play, you probably would get the strongest orgasm you can wish for during a period of 30 days. Go for it girl.

Relieves stress

Lastly, but never the least, it relieves you from your stresses. If on a normal day masturbation comes to your rescue when you are stressed out, don’t you think you should carry that blessing through your menses. In the name of Venus slide that vibrator during your cycle, because you are naturally stressed, hence you need to come even more intensely.

These are a few of our findings. Why don’t you let us know what drives you to let yourself loose and make beats? Let us know your secrets in the comments.