Condoms: Do You Know Which to Use?

Condoms: Do You Know Which to Use?

Knowing which condom to use is so important that it can’t be stressed enough. While there are multiple brands of condoms available online or in the market, knowing which suits your needs and tastes makes a lot of difference.

When you need to choose the condom, there are a lot of factors that affect the decision making, namely the materials, size, lubrication, flavour, and texture. Choosing one combining all these factors is a task that takes time. Choosing the right kind of condom is also important to avoid any pregnancy as well Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Luckily, we are here to help you make that decision!

Let’s differentiate them primarily on the basis of materials first:



These days, almost all condoms are made up of Latex, a material capable of stretching up to 800% its original size. This property of Latex makes it one of the best choices for friction as well as the heat of sex.

Although, Latex condoms don’t pair well with oil-based lubricants, which cause them to dissolve, thus causing holes in them. To avoid such issues, it’s advised that silicone or water-based lubes be used with Latex condoms to avoid any trouble.


For people who are allergic to Latex condoms, condoms made out of Polyurethane are one of the most popular alternatives. Since they are made out of some type of synthetic plastic, they are able to conduct heat much better than Latex condoms. Some variants of females condoms are made out of Polyurethane too. They can be used with silicone or water based lubricants.

Fun Fact: Since they tend to be thinner than Latex condoms, a lot of men find them to be more pleasurable owing to more sensations on their penis while having sex.


Another alternative for people who are allergic to Latex condoms, Polyisoprene condoms are quite popular too.

Polyisoprene condoms are generally cheaper than those made out of Polyurethane, though that’s because Polyisoprene is thicker as compared to Polyurethane.

Fun Fact: Polyisoprene condoms tend to feel more natural, stretch more and are softer.


Condoms made out of the intestine of a Lamb aka Lambskin Condoms are the oldest variety of condoms available today.

Lambskin condoms have been effective in preventing pregnancy, however, they are ineffective in controlling any STDs including HIV.

They are expensive and can be used with both oil and water based lubricants.

Fun Fact: Considering they are all natural, they are totally biodegradable, so if you use one, thank you for your contribution to the environment!


These days, the latest female condoms are produced out of a type of rubber known as Nitrile.

Just like Polyurethane condoms, Nitrile condoms are suitable for people who have an allergy to Latex.

Owing to the cheap availability of Nitrile, Female condoms are now much more affordable.

Fun Fact: The benefit of using Nitrile condoms is that they can be used with any kind of lube, water, silicone or even oil based without any worry of the condom tearing. So if you like to splurge on lubricants, Nitrile is your friend!


This is a bit self-explanatory. Lubricated condoms are provided with a lubricant already applied to the condom.

For first-timers, Lubricated condoms can come in handy since the lubrication helps in slipping the condom on the penis smoothly. It also eases friction, thus, increasing the sexual pleasure and reducing the chances of any breakage.

Some people tend to buy lubricants( or lubes) separately. That’s a personal choice and doesn’t mean everyone has to do the same. Silicone and Water-based lubes work with any type of condoms.

Make sure you don’t use oil based lubes with Latex condoms to avoid any last minute troubles since as explained above, Latex condoms are prone to tearing with oil based lubes.

For people with allergies or sensitivities to lubricants, non-lubricated condoms are most useful. Non-lubricated condoms should also be used for oral sex so that lube doesn’t get in the mouth.

There are even lubricated condoms with Spermicidal on them that reduce the mobility of the sperm on ejaculation and hence prevent pregnancy. Although, these condoms are known to cause burning, irritation on the penis and can cause urinary infections.

Now that we’ve covered various materials used to make Condoms and what’s the difference between them, now we’ll talk about the Size of condoms.


Usually, Most condoms are made to handle an erect penis of 4-7 inches. This is usually the standard universal size.

For us Indians, this generally suffices since the average Indian erect penis is around 4-5 inches.

Companies have a product line for customers falling on either side of the standard universal size too! So don’t worry, no matter how long you are, chances are, there’s a condom to fit you perfectly!

To ensure a perfect match, one should buy different sizes and try the condoms before having sex to avoid any occupational hazard during coitus later on.

Features Available in Different Kinds of Condoms

There’s a wide market for sexual pleasure and to keep the industry going, a lot of innovation keeps on happening. Here are some features available in condoms that you will be interested in:

  • Dotted condoms are likely to increase the pleasure as well as fun in sexual intercourse
  • Flavoured condoms like Chocolate, Mint, Vanilla or Strawberry are a good choice for those wanting to indulge in oral sex
  • Sensitive condoms tend to be extra thin and give out a feeling of as if they aren’t there at all
  • Magnum-sized condoms are for men with larger penile size and are extra large in size
  • Desensitizing or Climax control condoms work by delaying ejaculation. It does this by causing the penis to go numb
  • Coloured condoms have been quite popular lately and come in different colours. One interesting Coloured Condom is the Glow in the Dark Neon variety
  • Warming Condoms increase pleasure by heating up the genitals
  • Snugger size condoms provide a tight comfy fit and are smaller in size than average to do so
  • Textured condoms can be bumped or ribbed to increase her pleasure during sexual intercourse
  • Extra strength condoms tend to be thicker than normal, thus allaying the fear and giving assurance of safety.

Condoms(including the female condoms) can be purchased both offline( i.e in medical stores, 24seven, and other general stores) or online. Though if you feel shy about making the purchase, you can look and purchase online for that added comfort factor.

Since most online stores provide options for Fast Shipping, it can turn out to be a real stress reliever with no added stares.