How Your “Funbags” Can Give You Pleasure

How Your “Funbags” Can Give You Pleasure

Whenever you think of sex that is really pleasurable, you may think of an explosive orgasm built out of a beautiful stimulation – particularly those around the clitoris or vaginal walls. But, have you ever thought of moving up and beyond, more specifically about your twin assets? Well, they can also lead you to get the same? Surprised, get in the queue.

Since your puberty, your breasts stand out as the real head turner among both men and women (the latter envy yours actually)! But somehow, you tend to neglect them during the most desirable moment of your life. From now on it’ll change.

It’s not a myth that breasts can do wonders and can get both you and your partner sexually aroused. A 2006 study suggests that 82% women and 52% men could get sexually aroused by breast or nipple stimulation.

This is what happens at the start of the action. When the arousal starts, your titties become super sensitive. Your nipples, areola, and your overall breasts all practically sizzle from inside when touched. And even if you do not focus on them, they continue to respond and play their part in the action.

We all know about the four phases of the act – excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. Interestingly at the plateau phase, your breasts grow bigger by 20% to 25 %, simply because you anticipate an orgasm. What actually happens up there? The areolas swell and your breasts get engorged, sending the signal to the brain to release oxytocin, the love hormone.

Then happens a miracle. Your pair starts secreting “scented sweat”. The apocrine gland in the areola releases pheromones, a chemical that you and your partner may not be able to smell but can detect. As a result, your partner can literally go head-over-heels and take you to a roller-coaster ride, right on the bed.

Besides growing in size and effusing “scented sweat”, your scintillating puppies blush too. Due to the rush estrogen and simulation of blood, your breasts develop a pink rash. This starts from underneath of your breasts, spreads to the sides and then extends to the neck and upper stomach. If that doesn’t turn you on, wait till vasocongestion sets in. Shortly after the pink flush, the veins of your Pinky and Perky get clearly visible, making it look light blue in color. That my love is surely a worthy watch. Check it out next time with a subdued lighting in the bedroom.

A Rutgers University study reveals that there is a neurological link between a nipple and bean massage. That means, if you want to get an orgasm, you don’t have to reach far, down there. A closer destination, your nipples can help you achieve the Big O. So, next time when you want a slow, romantic, and a gradual rise, either ask your partner to rub your nipple or try a light massager. We’re sure he will enjoy the new venture!.

So, next time when you see yourself in the mirror remember that your breasts are not only a visual pleasure (particularly for men) but also a pair of pleasure-giver that can take you to unchartered territories, only if you take care of them a little bit too often.