How To Impress A Girl In Bed?

How To Impress A Girl In Bed?

This is one of those classic questions that you find guys asking on the internet.

The particular timeline of asking this question goes like this:

“I know it all” —> Doesn’t help much during the actual intercourse —> “There might be a problem with her” —> “I can’t be that bad at it ?” —> “What am I doing Wrong ?” —> “Let me check what needs to be done” and that’s how people land up on Google for “How to impress a girl in bed?’’

But don’t worry, it is something that a lot of people definitely ask about. Women’s sexual drives and organ are quite complex and hence, even guys who have had sex in the past may not be able to instil a similar feeling of exuberance in some other girl.

Here’s a little something, no matter how much you like porn, it’s not real, so don’t use the same moves when you have sex. Because at the end of the day, porn is all about acting and not much about the actual process.

So, to help you, we’ve figured it all out, so that the next time you are on the bed, you can get the basics right and definitely come out on top! (Pun intended ?)

Teasing: To Set The Right Mood

A lot of people regard teasing to be an important part of Foreplay. And hence, sexual teasing and stimulating foreplay go hand in hand.

The best sex is the one that starts before you even get a chance to hit the bed!

It’s as simple as that, not only teasing helps you understand how your partner reacts to you being a tease but also let’s you understand(with her response) how she regards your enthusiasm and how open she is to get down and dirty with you.

Because let’s face it, Teasing is hot. Like, literally so hot.

What adds to the temptation of the teasing is the fact that when being teased, not much can be done, since teasing usually happens in a public scenario, this goes for both guys and girls. It also helps knowing how adventurous your partner is.

If you need more explanation, here you go, suppose you’re in a Metro or in a lift, and you feel there’s a chance for you to whisper something filthy in their ear, go right ahead! But keep in mind, you need to be discreet and subtle with what you’re saying or doing. Grabbing their crotch or slight rubbing when no one is looking, and your partner can’t do anything about, now that’s some solid level of teasing.

It is arousing on so many levels that when you find yourself alone later on, you’re in for the time of your life.

Though, keep this in mind that there’s a difference between teasing when no one is looking and public indecency. While the one may lead you to ecstasy, the other will lead to uncomfortable stares and even trouble, So pick your situations wisely.

Foreplay and Fooling Around: To Build The Right Tempo

Now that we’ve talked about teasing and how it can help you a lot in your endeavour to impress your girl sexually, let’s talk about how to continue it further in the bedroom.

Because, what’s the point of a good start if you can’t utilise it fully!

For this, Foreplay is your Wingman!

Sex isn’t just about the act of inserting your penis inside her and mindlessly shaking till you cum.

No, rather Sex is about building the right set of expectations in your partner about how you’ll like to go down on them. That’s what it is about. Foreplay helps your girl be more than ready for the coitus by making her all wet with your touches, kisses and if you’d like to, licking.

Whispering in ear about the things you’d do to her later on is a turn on too.

But remember, don’t do everything in a go. Build a tempo and concentrate on the task at hand, not what you are going to do after(as in, the next thing you want to do and the next thing after that and so on).

For more Foreplay tips and how to utilise them for your benefit, you should totally read this article on the Foreplay Tips that your girl will thank you for!

Watch Her Expressions: Know What Gets Her Off

One of the best ways to impress your girl is to understand what she wants and how she wants it.

This involves a bit of challenge since you’ll need to understand her cues. While on bed, not everything can be worded and instead, you need to watch her expressions to learn what pleases her and in what ways.

One needs to be receptive enough to know the difference between groaning with discomfort and moans of pleasure. Or, the difference between a nod that means yes and shaking the head or slightly tugging to stop.

For example, it’s fairly common to use your fingers inside your partner, however, some may not like it on the basis of not wanting it or being dry inside that it’s rough and not giving the desired response.

At such point, you need to shift your idea to something else and go back to something pleasurable or take a break to talk to her if there seems a need for it.

Like mentioned, it’s about understanding how and what she wants that’ll impress her and help you with the desired results.

Experiment and Experience: Go Beyond Typical Ideas

If you’ve had sex for a while now and it’s turning a bit boring, this one’s especially for you.

When you end up having sex in similar surroundings or situations time after time, a lot of thrill is lost.

Therefore, it’s essential to a healthy sex life that you “Experiment to Experience”!

How your partner or you are turned on is impacted quite a bit by the surroundings you are in.

Some alternatives to the avoid falling prey to the similar situation conundrum are changing positions you have sex in, changing surroundings(you can go out on a trip or a hotel), changing timings and situations; anything that adds to the spice.

As an example for the above-mentioned ideas, if you end up having sex in a similar position, such as missionary or something else, try changing it to reverse cowgirl or doggy style and so on. If you usually have vaginal sex, you can even opt for oral sex, anal sex, use of sex toys etc.

For changing surroundings, you can start with something at your place itself,  i.e. if you usually have sex in the bedroom, if possible, try another location, couch, bathroom and so on. Going on trips with your partner or to a hotel to get it on is also a good idea since it’s set apart from the daily routine and normal lifestyle! Another such example is instead of having sex in the night, you can opt for morning sex( which a lot of people love) or a quickie(adventurous) even!

The idea is to bring excitement into the sex life that leads you both on and impresses your girl!

Make Her Feel Desired: Attitude Makes A Lot Of Difference

If you only treat her right when you want sex, chances are, she’s going to understand this behaviour and won’t be easily impressed.

Instead, take time to make her feel desired. It’s not just about what you do in bed after all, but how you treat and respect her otherwise too.

Sex also has an emotional component and if your partner feels that you only depend on them for the sex, that’s not a pleasing situation at all.

The best part is, this part, while long-term, requires the little efforts over a period of time. Simple compliments, that look of appreciation, and little gestures like this are what reaffirm your girl’s trust in you!

You now have everything you need to know before you go on the spree to impress your girl in the bed. So go out there and make the most of this! And if you get some luck, don’t forget to let us know below!