Breast play as Foreplay

Breast play as Foreplay

Mind those breasts. Particularly when you set out on a journey to satisfy her. Because they hold secrets that, when revealed, may surprise her as well. So it has to be uncovered with warmth and love and passion. In this article, we list 10 ways on how you can fondle with her breasts and nipples to keep your foreplay scintillating.

Start off gently

You kiss her and she kisses back, allowing you to win her over. Gradually you hold her, delicately rub her back, then bring your hands in front to cup her breasts. From this point onwards go gently. Do not rush, do not haste, do not put your hands inside her shirt or blouse. Simply continue to rub her love pillows from over her clothes. Press them gently. Stroke them lightly. Kiss her neck and slowly go down to kiss her mounds till she moans. Continue with the soft kisses and gentle presses. Do not unbutton.

Mild massage matters

Once the cover gets blown, lie her down and start massaging from her stomach. Once again keep in mind, you have all the time in the world. So you need to be slow, tending, and lovesome. Move up slowly and circle around her breasts, cupping them firmly. She enjoys being slow, she feels she is getting the attention. Give her that. After a few circles, change direction, but not the act. Top it up, use your three fingers and start circling around the areolae. In between, if you can bend over and whisper sweet nothings into her ears, you know for sure that it will take the game to the next level.

Attend to responses

This one should actually be number one. Throughout the journey, think yourself as the chauffeur – a smart, knowledgeable, and gentle chauffeur. And you are to take her to erotic bliss. Therefore, you need to pay attention to her direction, in this case, her responses and breathing. As a super lover, you should be enrapt by her responses to your touch and twitch of fingers. The responses act as milestones and help decide what you should do next.

Rough or smooth

Remember everybody is different. Some may like it soft while some may love hard. Only if you stay attentive you will get to know how you should be. In fact, you can also gather if you should carry nipple clamps next time. There is nothing wrong in being rough. In fact being imaginatively rough makes her feel sexier.

Together, still different

Loverboy, do not show any favoritism. You know that the ta-tas are different. And of course caressing one does not imply caressing the other. So from time to time, you need to change from one to the other. This way both her nipples get your love gifts, offering her less scope to get bored. Besides, shifting nips allows the titillated one to get reset, giving you more time to play.

She shows, tells

The fun spikes up when you take the back seat and let her show what she wants. Relax, catch a watch, and enjoy how she demonstrates where you need to touch and where you need to kiss. Will a soft lick on her boob nob release a sigh? She will tell. Should you nibble her nubbin? She will show. Should you press her pap or hold it firmly? She will show. All you need to do at times is follow what is being shown. That’ll do the trick.

Tease them adoringly

It pays to take her near the peak and then let her loose. It may require a bit of self-restraint, but it’s worth the effort. Kiss her breast, go as close to the areola but leave the areola and her nipple. Breathe over them, breathe heavily but make sure you don’t touch them. Use your thumb and forefinger to form a cusp and rub the base of her boobies. Move very close to the nipple and leave it there. See how she writhes and pulls you toward her. That’s how lovers is what you will desire again and again.

Chill her up

This and its variations are some ace tricks. As the nipples are made of highly sensitive tissues and hold more than 100 of nerve endings, it reacts instantly to minor changes in temperature. Play with them. Kiss them and lick them softly, make them moist. And right after that blow them faintly. This does wonder for her. The sudden chill sends a luscious tingle.

Introduce other sensations

Notch it up and use ice cubes. Ice cubes send a painfully desirous sensation that turns on a lot of women. Play with some vibrators. The soft buzz on the nipples can literally fly her to the peak from the valley. For a completely different type of sensation, you may use silk. The material has an aphrodisiac appeal during foreplay. Those who love it a little rough can use lace. They can induce a subtle friction which a lot of women crave for.

Be cycle-aware

The monthly cycle can create havoc with her hormones. A couple of days prior or later, the breasts and nipples become tender and may not react to your touches or toys for women the way they otherwise would have reacted. You need to be super sensitive about any move during these times. She may like the pleasurable pain or she may hate them completely. Don’t lose your mind boy, because she is near to losing it already. Handle her with care.

As the lover of her dreams, if you take your time to get to the point and play along with her, it’s a surety that you two will enjoy your time. Let us know how it goes in the comment section. And if you can add a few tricks of your own in the comments, we promise to put them here, when we publish this article again.