Arrest Age by Orgasm

Arrest Age by Orgasm

At first, let us put this disclaimer that we are not in a war with anti-aging products. They are effective, good, and only a few of them are pricey. We are simply saying this, ladies before you flash your cards to bring home one, think of looking into yourself. And check out how mother nature contrives to keep you beautiful with her means that are equally effective, good and does not cost you a cent. All it takes is hitting the sack with your freak or alone with a love stick, and get to the Big O. You may not need to open the purse for some time. Because when you reach there, your own body works to help you get better skin without a touch of chemicals from creams and masks and serums.
Clinical psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Shannon Chavez assures, “[Orgasm] makes you look younger and healthier — all the things you want in good skin.” Therefore, those of you who wish to take a chemical-free path towards the healthy skin, it’s time to get a vibrator and buzz your way to glory within the sweet comfort of your bedroom.

You need toys

Remember, we are talking long term and we are talking a pleasurable arrangement to get those wrinkles out of your way. So we are talking about making a one-time investment in getting an adult toy of your choice. Besides titillating your erogenous zones, a sex toy acts as a skin therapeutic solution that allows for working from within. You know for sure that as your adult toy does its job, the blood circulation under your skin increases and your skin tension gets reduced. Your massager also increases the production of your skin’s natural oil (seburn) and moisturize your skin. Besides increasing the suppleness of your skin, a vibe massage encourages skin cell regeneration and makes your skin resistant to infection. Once it goes inside, spends some time there and brings you to the climax, you get the second set of benefits. Your release endorphins, a feel-good hormone, and swim toward an overall well being.

Other benefits of getting wet

Arrest aging

Scientifically speaking, arresting age is a layered action. You know you are gifted with the female hormone oestrogen that aids in the production of another hormone called collagen. It’s this collagen that strengthens and increases your skin elasticity. Now let’s get to the interesting part. When you get an orgasm, oestrogen is released in abundance, and so does collagen. As a result, your skin turns tighter and you get a visibly wrinkle-free look.

Doesn’t cost a cent

One orgasm a day, that’s all you need. Just like brushing your teeth or taking a shower, it can become a part of your daily routine. Don’t you like to get a free skin therapy every day and that too in a way that offers free pleasurable? Think about it.

Free from acne

Orgasm triggers the love hormone or oxytocin to bring down your stress and cortisol level. What do you get in return? Low skin inflammation and lesser rashes and acne. That, of course, comes with the apparent benefit of a flawless skin.

No more wrinkles

It’s given that after a full-bodied orgasm you will fall asleep. The sex hormone prolactin comes into play and turns you to a sleepy head. And that’s when the magic happens – your skin rejuvenates. It’s only when you are asleep, your skin cells regenerate to gift you a visibly wrinkle-free skin when you wake up. It’s up to you now to decide whether you wish to sleep over pills or over a vibrator.

Bye-bye cellulite

We all know that orgasms have a lot of cardiovascular benefits. But that’s not all, it has more. Every time you reach your sexual apogee, your gluts, butt and abs also get into the workout mode. As a result, you get more toned muscles and lessened cellulite.

Little death experience

Every time you climax your body releases Dehydroepiandrosterone or popularly knows as DHEA. Let’s stick to the latter. This big named devil indirectly works on your sex hormones and pushes up your excitement level. What do you get? Better immune system, repair cells and tissues and of course an instant glow on your skin. Due to these effects of DHEA secretion, you not only look younger but actually get a healthier body that has a higher metabolism rate.

Lose toxins

To get to the peak takes a lot of huffing, puffing, and sweating. Interestingly, the more you sweat the more toxins get flushed out of your system. This is the reason why you hit the gym. Alternatively, you may turn to your bed and slip under the sheets with a vibrator. You will get nearly the same result.

Now we leave it on to you to share your experiences. How did you benefit from orgasm? Don’t forget to leave a note in the comment section.