About Us

Why NortyDorty

The objective of Nortydorty is fairly simple. We want to be the preferred choice of adult toys retailer. That is precisely why we have kept our product price reasonable, the list hand-picked, and short, and a customer support system that understands your needs and challenges.


We started in July 2016. Of course, that makes us a new entrant in this domain. However, our experience in product sourcing, operation set up, logistics and delivery, customer servicing, and marketing is more than a decade old. This implies we are a team of seasoned and matured professionals who are aware of how the wheel rolls. Incidentally, we also have the new entrant advantage. Being young allows us to work with a lot of focused energy and fresh ideas that will help you find pleasure in your daily routine, introduce intimacy in your romance, maintain warmth in your love life and bring back zing in your relationship.

Our Collection

Our collection of vibrators, stimulators, and penis rings are meant for both single and couple. Although we do not have a widespread of adult toys to boast about, we make sure that you do not lose any chance to have fun and merriment, either alone or with your partner. Our collection does not exhaust with toys. We also have a small but interesting set of bedroom games, adult party games for stag and hag, and of course a few lingerie, capable of putting life to your fantasy.

Your Safety

That is not all. At Nortydorty, we understand that our products get used internally and in and around the most sensitive and erogenous zones of your body. With as much of cautiousness as one expect, we source products that are clinically tested, non-toxic, and sterile-safe to use internally. At one hand, we keep our inventory free of plastic (leaving the breast pump of course) on another, we ensure our toys for adults are made of food grade silicone. The material makes the toys soft, easily bendable, manufactured in exciting colors, and totally harmless to you and your partner.

Your Privacy

It is a known fact that while in a few countries our products are openly accepted, in others they may face a certain level of social dissent. Hence, to make sure that your preference and privacy remain unhindered we keep our packaging discreet. We do not want you, our buyers, to face any sort of challenge in terms of ordering and receiving our product. Therefore, whenever you make a purchase, we try to gather as much of information possible so that we can work out when is the best time to deliver and where it will be convenient for you to receive. To top it up, we package the product in a way so that it does not embarrass you to receive your toy even when you are at home, among family or friends.

Our Legal Awareness

Like privacy, we are equally sensitive towards legal hurdles. And that is another reason why our entire product line is so slim. Of the thousands of types available, we pick up only those vibrators for women or penis rings for men that are legally acceptable in most of the countries. Our team of merchandisers critically views the products and checks if they are legally disallowed or allowed to showcase or our site. We are sorry, we do not carry products that resemble any anatomical organ, after all, we do not want you to get into any legal hassle with your toys.

Your Security

We know for a fact that we are young; therefore, we have to go a long way to establish our credibility. We also know data security plays a pivotal role here. As our effort to keep your data secured with us, particularly your financial data, we have connected with a host of renowned payment channels and institutions who pass your transactional information over 128-bit encryption fortified secured layer, ensuring your data do not fall into wrong hands.