10 Foreplay Tips Your Girl Will Thank You For

10 Foreplay Tips Your Girl Will Thank You For

This is a question that a lot of guys/girls have queries about, and yet they don’t want to ask their partner about it. So we’ll play the saviour and guide you about it!

“Does my partner love foreplay before sex?”

The answer to this is simple.

Yes. Yes, they do. We are yet to see someone who doesn’t enjoy Foreplay and lots of it.
For anyone who wants to please their partner, Foreplay is something you can always count on to set the mood and get the passion within raring to go. Mind-blowing sex doesn’t feel like a far-placed reality if you know your way around foreplay! Rather, foreplay can be considered as the prerequisite to mind-blowing orgasms.

Come, let’s talk about different kinds of foreplay, and how you can get things really going in your favour by small changes in your sexual routine.

Sexy Texts

Foreplay is considered an art and isn’t just about the sex. However, lucky for us, we are all artists, if you get the cue! 😉
Anyone experienced in foreplay knows that it starts not on the bed, but much before by some spicy texts to get her all warm and fuzzy. You can compliment her body, or mention something you want to do with her, later on, to get her pumped up. Not only will these make her comfortable with you but also stimulate her even before meeting her! Interesting, isn’t?
These are some messages you can experiment with, or use these as ideas to think your own! –

  • “You look so tempting that I want to kiss you right now”
  • “You look so ravishing when you do that”
  • “I miss tasting you. Thank goodness, I can do that later today ;)”
  • “Seeing you in front of me reminds me of all the things I want to do to you”

Talk Dirty

Like mentioned before, Foreplay isn’t just about what you can do on the bed and starts much before. So, you don’t need to even touch her to get her pining to do the dirty with you.
Nothing works better in this regard than Dirty Talking, for it helps you arouse her in anticipation of what you both have plans for. Make sure you heat things up quite a bit even before you enter the bedroom, that way, you won’t be the only one wanting to get her out of those clothes soon, she’ll have something similar in mind too.
Whisper in her ear about what you plan to do with her, in a husky or deep voice so she’s unable to resist her urges.
However, if you feel shy regarding dirty talking or can’t figure out what to start with, you can just straightforward ask her what gets her turned on, and then steer the flow of conversation from there. Women especially like it if their man wants to make efforts to please her and isn’t afraid to show it. This comes with added perks too, for they won’t hesitate to return the favour too!

Undress Her In A Way She’ll Love

You may know not it, but even the act of undressing your partner itself is a type of foreplay too. Women usually prefer that guys undress them since it’s a huge turn on.
To undress her, roll your fingers inside her clothes before you manage to remove her clothes. Take(pull) the clothes down slowly and raking along her body and skin, one piece at a time, enjoying the moment of undressing her. Make sure to tease her while in the act of getting her naked. Kiss tenderly on her bare body while undressing her.

Touch; And Caress

This can’t be emphasised enough since not many men spend time touching as well as caressing women’s body. Instead, they just start kissing and think that the rest will follow.
On the other hand, if you indulge a bit before sex, it’ll definitely lead to a steamy session of coitus, one you both won’t forget for a long time to come.
To start with, you can use pheromone-induced candles to set her and your mood, coupled with a massage using warm massage oils. For technique, you can start by slowly massaging the length of her legs, moving from upper thighs to toes. Kissing her toes softly will definitely get her in the mood.

Twins Present Twin Opportunity

As much as men love the breasts, women do it too. Women love when men are generous in spending time on their breasts.
Mostly, men start with the breasts during foreplay and then, later on, end up forgetting about it. However, if you really want to please your woman, then make sure to spend a lot more time with her breasts.
Try stimulating her nipples with your thumb or your tongue, and watch the magic unfold right in front of you!

Kiss Her Inner Thighs

Now is the time to build things up and get both of you right in the flow. You can start this by kissing her on inner thighs(which are highly sensitive and thus, will leave her moaning for more).
You can be a little rough with your touch, or be as gentle as you want. Move your hands across her thighs and kiss her inner thigh. This will most likely make her quiver her ecstasy.
Slowly move further up, however, don’t get carried away and end up touching her vagina. That’s for later.
You can play around though, and wait for her to be the one to ask you to touch her down there.

Make Ample Use of Your Tongue

Tongue play can be extremely sexy if done right. Make sure to not overdo it though, for that’s definitely nasty and can put off your partner. Make sure to lick her neck sensuously but unlike a dog.
Ask her beforehand if she’s comfortable with hickey, and if she’s, make sure to leave some hickeys too!
Go down on her and lick her clitoris in a circular manner with the tip of the tongue. Hitting the right spots certainly will have its rewards.

Surprise Her Using A New Move

To give a surprise, you need to be unpredictable with what you are doing. You can try all these to get the game on, like, unhooking her bra when you are kissing her, catching her off guard when she least expects it, pulling her towards yourself, and if she likes it, taking her in a rough manner. Check out these foreplay tips which stand a chance to turn her on all night long:

  • Blindfolding her and then softly touching her at different places. You can either continue to speak sensuously in her ear or you can just let her experience your touch in silence
  • Focusing on her naked back is always a good choice. You can stand behind her and start with kissing her nape, moving down to her spine, leaving a trail of kisses
  • Vibrators are a good option too! Try using a vibrator for stimulating her clitoris or if you are adventurous, you can make use of a pleasure ring for yourself too, to give both of you better pleasure than you’ve experienced
  • Kissing while your partner is pushed against a wall has some intimate pleasure attached to it. Push her against any wall and kiss her either on the neck or lips, while spreading her legs by putting your knee in between. You can even bite her earlobe for added stimulation.

Last Longer In The Bed

Everyone wants to last longer in the bed and would have used Google to find a solution for the same. Isn’t? Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered with these tips to get you going, a little longer every time:

  1. Masturbate: Masturbation is a useful trick that many guys have been turning to, to boost their performance and last longer in bed. Since it takes time for your body to rejuvenate the sperms, it does seem like a way to get yourself going for longer
  2. Condom: While everyone knows that condom causes you to feel sensations a little less, it can be a good thing. Use of condom will help you last longer and since they are useful for preventing STDs, they should be used anyway!
  3. Delay Gel: These days, a lot of herbal and Ayurvedic products have hit the market that can help you improve your timing and give that extra edge you want during sex
  4. Position: Since you know your body, in case you feel you are about to ejaculate, switch positions or wait and instead focus on less strenuous activities so you can get going longer.

Sex Toys Are The Latest Fad

While Sex Toys are nothing new, they still are under-represented in India.
Although, the benefits of using sex toys to stimulate your partner and yourself are too many and hence, toys are recommended to add spice to your foreplay routine.
With so many different kinds and varieties to choose from, your partner and you will be spoilt for choice by all means. And by spoilt for choice, we definitely mean the orgasms and satisfaction that’ll ensue after you start using sex toys.