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Sex has always been a important part of Indian culture from early age, with books such as ‘Kamasutra’ being written that talk about sexual intimacy. From literature to sculptures, such as those in Khajuraho, which depict love and intimacy among Men and Women, India sure has had a vocal past when it comes to sexuality.

However, in the current scenario, it seems we have deserted the appeal in favour of taboo towards sex and intimacy. While there was once a time when sexuality and intimacy were celebrated, now it’s rather considered as a social evil in some manner, with people choosing to desecrate the much important, sexuality of the youth!

That, has had an effect! Despite being the second most populous country on the planet, not many Indians are satisfied with their sex lives, which has been a result of turning our back on the rich culture of ancient India and the open mindedness that was present back in the day. Lack of sexual education has again, contributed to the same.

From being the one that taught the world about pleasure in sex, to being someone who themselves have forgotten it, the journey has gone downstream for India.

NortyDorty has been in the industry for quite some time now to buy sex toys in india and wants to change how we as a country think about pleasure and sexual intimacy. Armed with a collection of sex toys for men and women, we want the new age India to lose their inhibitions and embrace a more stimulating sex life that’s not only satisfying but also open to to new experiences.

In India, not many people are well versed to the idea of using sex toys for men and women as a means to improve their sex lives. While this can be attributed to lack of sex education as well as a hitch that comes with how sex is thought of, you can still read on to understand why you should buy sex toys in India!

Sex toys India are primarily of two types: sex toys for men and sex toys for women. Both of them are of differing kind and yet, can be used either with with a partner or even without one; Because, we at NortyDorty believe that no one should miss out on lack of sexual intimacy or better yet, orgasms.

Buy Sex toys India are known to bring a new excitement to the play. So if you’re someone who wants to try something new and have been itching to experiment, our sex toys in india are definitely for you!

Although, why you should buy sex toys from us, is a different story altogether!

NortyDorty has been a leading seller of Sex toys in India and based on a lot of customer satisfaction reviews, has been able to provide the best of its kind services among other players in the market. For starters, every product that is listed is thoroughly quality tested through stringent measures developed in sync with our global partners so our customers get the best deal, every time.

With a wide range of sex toys available to satisfy all your needs, we look forward to seeing your name on the list our proud customers.

Due to the rise of online marketplaces, we all have become so used to shopping online, that anything that requires more efforts, we neglect. And why shouldn’t we? It’s ease after all. We’d rather save time and money than to go to the market for anything we want to purchase. So why should purchasing sex toys be any different?

To cater to our potential customers, Norty Dorty has been working with renowned couriers agencies to ensure the products are always on time. But, what does on time mean?

Buy Sex Toya India From nortydorty will get 24 to 48 hours from the time of order and at the time of your convenience.

That’s all it takes for your sex toys to reach you anywhere in the country so you can start relishing them without waiting for 15-20 days(definitely a buzz kill). Don’t want to order at home/work? We got you! Because of our policies, we have tied up with our channel partners to develop pick up centres(similar to Amazon), it’s as easy as that!

Oh, and did we mention that the packages will always be packed in a discreet manner so no one but you will know what you have ordered.

If this wasn’t enough to sway your mind to buying from us, we also have an easy return and refund facility so you can return the product if you don’t like it.*

*Due to hygienic reasons, refund will not be provided for used products.

Customer Testimonials

Is it okay/safe to shop from NortyDorty?

Yes, definitely! NortyDorty has been growing tremendously because of its customer friendly policies that ensure a smooth experience(pun intended).

We understand your needs like no other and try to fulfill them for our customers. All our products are packed in a discreet manner with no indication of what’s inside it. To aid it, we have built a comprehensive shipping solution so every product reaches the customers in a maximum of 48 hours.

Are there any side effects of using these products?

No, there are no side effects of using any of the products listed on NortyDorty.
To ensure our customers never have to face any issue with their product, we follow rigorous quality checks on all the products listed on the platform based on guidelines and standards set by global partners.

Please read the user manual before using the said products for complete understanding of the product. NortyDorty holds no responsibility of any mishaps happening from wrong usage of the product.

What is your Cancellation policy?

Incase you decide to cancel a part or complete order, please contact our Customer Support immediately. Based on the cancellation notice, we’ll cancel the order and the money, if already paid will be refunded as per the Cancellation and Refund Policy in a period of 5-7 working days from receipt of cancellation notice.

However, please note that if the product has been shipped, we’ll not be able to cancel the product or offer refund for the same.

Can I pickup the order myself instead of getting it delivered?
Absolutely. Because we know not all our customers might be comfortable getting the products delivered at home, we have made sure to partner with our delivery agencies to ensure there’s an option for SELF PICKUP. Please make sure to select the relevant option when making the booking and your product will be kept at our Pickup Centre from where you can collect it at your convenience. *Please check if Self Pickup is available for your pincode.
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